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18 Point Inspection and Tune-Up

Air conditioning Maintenance

Keeping your house cool, and your AC running at peak efficiency throughout the summer, is our goal. It starts with your system's annual 18-point precision tune-up, when our technicians will perform the following:

  1. Check refrigerant charge and measure operating pressures and temperatures
  2. Test compressor operating voltage and amperage
  3. Lubricate and check all motors
  4. Check fan belts and adjust or replace if needed
  5. Replace air filters or wash electronic air cells
  6. Check and clean condenser
  7. Check and flush condensate drain
  8. Check electrical connections and wiring
  9. Check crank case heater
  10. Check and flush condensate pump
  11. Test pressure cutout switches
  12. Check thermostat for proper operation
  13. Check compressor starting contactor
  14. Check condenser blade and motor bearings
  15. Check blower wheel and bearings
  16. Check condenser electrical disconnect switch
  17. Check evaporator coil (if accessible)
  18. Check controls and safety

To schedule a tune-up of your Air Conditioning equipment, contact customer care at or call
(203) 227-5181 today.