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Benefits of Propane

Benefits of Propane

Enjoy the energy-efficient, versatile, fast-heating warmth of propane appliances in your home. Looking to reduce your home energy costs? Start here! Propane heats significantly faster, and uses less energy, than electricity. In fact, every time you replace an electric appliance with a propane one, you could save up to 50% – or more – on the energy you use to run that appliance! Propane, the smart alternative to electric.

Propane makes sense because it costs so much less than electricity, installs easily, and is environmentally friendly. It offers the perfect energy solution for water heating, space heating, cooking, clothes drying, gas logs and fireplaces, pool heaters, generators, gas lamps, and patio heaters. So pull the plug on your electric appliances, conserve more energy, and start saving today! Efficient energy from the fuel company you can trust.

Choose Gault to supply your propane needs and get all that you have come to expect from our 5th-generation, 145-year-old fuel company: nothing less than the best -- a commitment to excellence, state-of-the-art options and service with a personal touch.

Propane installs easily in any home, no matter what type of fuel source you use for home heating. If you already have propane, converting electric appliances to propane units is even easier! Call us at (203) 227-5181 for a free estimate.