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Business Power Sign up for Gault Power now!

Small businesses in Connecticut pay more for electricity than most anywhere else in the United States. They also use two to ten times as much power as residential homes. With Gault Power you'll get:

  • Fixed Rates: 12 month rate of $0.1049/kWh
  • 100% Green Energy: used to help fund clean / renewable energy efforts
  • 75$ Cash Back Bonus: Provides instant savings
  • Reliable Service: Your local utility provider (UI or CL&P) will still deliver the electricity to your home and fully service your account. There will be no interruption or change in this service.
  • Same Bill: You will still get the same bill you receive every month from UI or CL&P. Even if you pay your bills online, there will be no change. The only difference will be that the "supplier charge" will be a lot less!
  • No-Hassle Signup Taking advantage of lower electricity prices is easy. All you have to do is fill out the form or call us at 203.227.5181. We'll take care of all of the details and you'll start seeing the savings within one or two billing cycles.
  • No Risk: With Gault Power by Verde Energy USA, there are no contracts to sign or long term commitments to make.