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Converting to Oil Heat

Converting to an Oil Heating System

Interested in switching to cost efficient oil heat, but not sure where to start or what's involved?  Below are some of the factors you will need to consider - which our heating systems specialists can discuss with you:

  • Oil tank installation. You will need to identify where to accommodate your oil storage tank either in a basement or crawl space, or, in some cases, outside. This last is called an exposed tank.
  • Fill pipe installation. You will also need an oil fill and vent location. Typically, these pipes would be close to the oil tank, in the basement or crawl space. This means that the tank needs to be in a location where the oil delivery trucks can run their hoses from the truck to the fill pipe.
  • Installation of heating equipment. Naturally, you will need to convert your current heating equipment to oil-fired equipment, either a boiler or furnace; which type will be determined by your application and house construction.
  • Venting. Depending on your setup, you will need either a chimney or a direct vent flue.
If you are interested in converting your current system to oil, contact our systems specialist at (203) 227-5181 or