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Cooling FAQ

A/C Not Working?

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Is your central air conditioning not working? Follow the simple steps below to troubleshoot your system before calling a technician

A/C not working?

1. Does Gault install air conditioning?

Yes. Gault is a Trane Certified Comfort Specialist dealer, which means that our company must meet strict guidelines set by Trane, the leaders in central air conditioning. Click for more.

2. My air conditioning condenser is frozen. Will it still work?

Not until the ice on the coil melts, which will take approximately 12 to 24 hours.

3. How often should I change my air conditioning filters? Can I change them myself?

AC filters should be changed once a month during the peak cooling months. Yes, you can change them yourself.

4. Can I install air conditioning if I have baseboard heat?

Yes, although the method will depend on the layout of your house. Click for more

5. During the hot summer months, should I turn off my air conditioner during the day when no one is home?

Not necessarily. It is often recommended that you raise your temperature 4-5 degrees, keep the windows closed, and lower shades/close drapes on southern and western exposures.

6. If I have a large house, will I need a higher SEER rating on my AC?

No, there is no correlation between the size of your home and the SEER, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency

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