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Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless Air Conditioning

The Split ductless cooling technology is the most unique innovation in air comfort in two decades. This type of cooling system is used in areas where you do not have ductwork or a window space. The split ductless system consists of a wall mounted indoor unit, refrigerant lines and condensation drain, and an outdoor condensing unit.

Ductless units feature many unique advantages:

  • The sleek wall mounted indoor units can mounts discreetly, usually high on the wall.
  • Slim, compact outdoor units require minimal ground space or service clearance.
  • Both indoor and outdoor units run quietly and provide years of worry-free and efficient operation.
  • Installation is simplified, as there are only two basic components: an indoor air handler and an outdoor condensing unit, requiring only a small 3" hole in the wall or ceiling for the refrigerant lines and power supply.

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