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Energy Efficient Products

Energy Efficient Products

Here is a summary of the many energy-wise systems and equipment that are offered, installed and serviced by Gault. For more details on these systems, click on their names to see the full list of features.

Heating Systems — Boilers

System 2000

  • Fully integrated heating system combines both heat and hot water production for unequaled energy efficiency and a virtually unlimited hot water supply
  • Low annual fuel consumption
  • Runs on oil or propane, compatible with all heating applications including radiator, baseboard, radiant
  • Above 85% efficiency
  • Energy star rated
  • More

Biasi B-10 Boiler System

  • Low water content boiler heats up faster and with less fuel
  • Efficient 3-pass heat exchanger boiler design (saves up to 40% vs. single pass boilers)
  • Energy star compliant
  • More

Munchkin High Efficiency Boiler

  • Compact and efficient heater
  • High efficiency fully modulating design provides 95.1% AFUE, for a maximum payback on fuel savings
  • Low emissions
  • More

Heating Systems — Furnaces

Thermopride furnaces

  • "Octatherm" Design Heat Exchanger helps retain combustion gases longer for better heat transfer, and the maximum in heating efficiency
  • Quality High Efficiency Split Phase Belt Drive Blower Motor means reduced energy bills, longer motor life, and therefore, savings
  • Thermopride Flame retention, high-efficiency oil burner achieves its high efficiency through exacting mixtures of fuel and air
  • Durable ceramic chamber affords better heat conduction, more complete combustion
  • More

Hot Water Heaters

Bock Hot Water Heaters

  • Designed to produce hot water by maximizing heat use and minimizing heat loss
  • Exclusive TURBOFLUE construction; interior fins increase heating surface for minimal chimney heat loss. Reduces standby losses dramatically
  • Center flue is made of heavy steel which keeps the heat inside completely surrounded by water
  • High-efficiency burner
  • Brick combustion chamber that outlasts all other materials and retains heat longer after burner shut-off.
  • More

Rinnai LS Series Tankless Water Heaters

  • Costs less to operate - more than 40% savings vs. conventional tank water heater
  • One Rinnai delivers 240 gallons of hot water or more per hour with no recovery time

Air Conditioning — Central Air Conditioners

Gault is a Trane Comfort Specialist dealer, meaning that Gault has continually met Trane's stringent standards for professionalism, customer satisfaction, and provided continuing education for our staff, including NATE certification.

Trane XLi Series Air Conditioners

  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios of up to 19.5
  • Some models with variable speed fans for added efficiency
  • Energy Star rated

Split Ductless Cooling

The split ductless cooling technology is the most unique innovation in air comfort in two decades. This type of cooling system is used in areas where you do not have ductwork or a window space. The split ductless system consists of a wall mounted indoor unit, refrigerant lines and condensation drain, and an outdoor condensing unit.

  • Both indoor and outdoor units run quietly and provide years of worry-free and efficient operation.

Trane Air Handlers

Humidity control plays an important role in both comfort and conservation; properly controlled humidity will enable you to maintain the comfort of your home in summer, without setting the thermostat as low.

Beckett Heat Managers

These microprocessor-controlled "fuel economizers" reduce the on/off cycles of your boiler. Installation requires only 15-30 minutes. Use of the heat manager can:

  • Reduce heating fuel consumption 10 – 20%
  • Improve overall heating system efficiency and wear and tear on boiler components


Advances in programmable thermostats allow you to precisely time your heating/cooling system's operation for optimal efficiency and comfort.  You can "set it and forget it," allowing your thermostat to go to work to save you dollars and conserve energy.

Gault's range of Honeywell thermostats offer a range of functions and features to choose from.

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