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Deregulation: The Opportunity Sign Up for Gault Power today!

Fixed Rates. 100% green. $75 cash back.

The utility industry is one of the largest markets in the United States with over $350 billion spent on electricity alone in 2008. Until recently, residents and businesses only had one choice of electricity provider - their local utility company (UI or CL&P). These utility companies owned both the power plants, which generate electricity, and the transmission towers, lines and poles to distribute the power to consumers.

If you look at your utility bill you'll see two charges: a supplier charge (for electrical generation) and a delivery charge (for providing service along the power grid).

  • Delivery Charge. This is the fee your utility company charges to use the power grid and power lines to deliver service to your home.
  • Supplier Charge. This is the fee your supplier charges for generating electricity. By law, your utility company will handle this unless you choose another provider, like Verde Energy USA.

Deregulation: Separating the Supplier from the Deliverer.

When Connecticut and 14 other states deregulated their energy markets, local utility companies in those states were forced to sell their power generation plants. They held on to all their transmission and distribution assets and continue to maintain this infrastructure.

The energy supply industry in these deregulated states was opened up to independent energy companies like Gault Power by Verde Energy USA, and thus consumers in these states have the opportunity to choose who they get their power from. Now residents and businesses do not have to accept their utility company for electricity supply.

Two companies. One Utility Bill. Zero Hassle.

When you choose an alternative energy provider like Gault Power by Verde Energy USA, you will still receive only one utility bill. That bill will continue to come from your current local utility company. The only difference is the supplier charge will now reflect the lower rate of your alternative provider.

Your switch to Gault Power is seamless and FREE!
Your local utility company will continue to deliver the power to you and provide all servicing.

Making Your Choice is Easy.

Choosing to save money by getting your energy from Gault Power by Verde Energy USA is simple: enroll quickly and easily through our online sign up form or call us today at 203.227.5181.