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Frequently Asked Questions Sign up for Gault Power now!

1. What does Gault Power by Verde Energy USA mean? Verde Energy USA is an electric supply company that is licensed by the Connecticut Department of Public Utility.

2. Why did Gault Energy decide to offer electricity? Gault Energy is committed to providing the best products and services to our customers so they can reduce their carbon footprint.

3. Is Verde Energy USA affiliated with CL&P or UI? No, Verde Energy USA is an independent electric supply company licensed by the Department of Public Utility. Gault Energy is based in Westport, CT and Verde Energy USA is based in Norwalk, CT.

4. How does de-regulation work? Connecticut deregulated its energy market in the late 1990's. With deregulation you have the right to choose what company provides the supply portion of your monthly electric bill. Your local utility company will continue to service your account and you will receive one monthly bill regardless of what company you choose for electric generation.

5. Will switching to Verde Energy USA impact my electric service in any way? No, your service will not be impacted at all. Your local utility will continue to fully service your account, you will continue to call the utility for any repair issues, and you will continue to receive one monthly bill.

6. What is Verde Energy USA's current rate? Our current rate is a 6 month fixed rate of $0.1099/kWh for CL&P and UI customers.

7. How does the $75 cash back bonus work? Once you see Verde Energy USA as the supplier on your electricity bill, send us a copy of the bill along with a completed rebate form and mail to the address on the form. You will receive a $75 check within 4-6 weeks of receipt.

8. Can I receive a referral bonus? Yes. Click on refer a friend and enter the names and emails of the people you'd like to refer. You will receive a $25 referral payment for each referral who becomes a Gault Power by Verde Energy USA customer. You will not be eligible for a referral fee unless you submit the online form.