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Heating Oil Frequently Asked Questions

Oil FAQs

1. How do you know when to deliver oil to me?

Your deliveries are based on a formula called the degree day formula which is used industry–wide. More

2. After an oil delivery, I smell oil in the house. Is this something I should be concerned about?

Wait an hour or so to see if the smell dissipates. If not, call our Customer Care Team for further guidance.

3. What does the whistling noise mean when I get an oil delivery?

That is the sound of the vent alarm, which signals to the delivery person that your tank has reached its filling capacity.

4. Should I turn my heating equipment off when I get an oil delivery?

It is not necessary to shut it off, but some people with older systems do so to prevent plugging the filters on their equipment.

5. Is all heating oil the same?

There is only one grade of heating oil and that is #2 fuel oil. But, before delivering the oil to your home, Gault enhances the oil we deliver with a special detergent additive called Avalux, which cleans your fuel delivery system. This in turn, helps your heating system operate at peak efficiency.

6. Why has my oil consumption increased this year?

An increase in oil consumption is usually directly linked to lifestyle changes. Have you added on to your home? Have a new family member, either infant or an older adult? These and other changes will affect your oil consumption.

7. What are the terms and conditions of buying home heating oil?

The terms and conditions differ between each of our pricing programs. Click on the links below to see the full terms of each.