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Heating Systems

Heating Systems – Boilers

System 2000

  • Fully integrated heating system combines both heat and hot water production for unequaled energy efficiency and a virtually unlimited hot water supply.
  • Compact Design
  • Rapid recovery on the hot water exchanger
  • Air box provides outside air for combustion and ultra quiet operation
  • High temperature ceramic chamber is durable and long lasting
  • PSC Motor is reliable, and provides high static pressure operation
  • Low annual fuel consumption
  • Runs on oil or propane, compatible with all heating applications including radiator, baseboard, radiant
  • Above 85% efficiency
  • Energy star rated
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Biasi B–10 Boiler System

  • Heat and hot water system
  • Gas or oil burner compatible
  • No flue required; can be direct vented to outdoors
  • Low water content boiler heats up faster and with less fuel
  • Efficient 3–pass heat exchanger boiler design (saves up to 40% vs. single pass boilers)
  • Energy star compliant
  • Compact size
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Munchkin High Efficiency Boiler

  • Compact and efficient heater
  • No flue required; can be direct vented outdoors
  • High efficiency fully modulating design provides 95.1% AFUE, for a maximum payback on fuel savings
  • Low emissions
  • Quiet operation

For more information please contact us at (203) 227-5181 or

Heating Systems – Furnaces

Thermopride Furnaces

  • Exclusive 13 Gauge steel "Octatherm" Design Heat Exchanger helps retain combustion gases longer for better heat transfer, and the maximum in heating efficiency
  • Copper Coating on the Heat Exchanger resists corrosion from high humidity in the home, for a longer furnace life, protecting your investment
  • Quality High Efficiency Split Phase Belt Drive Blower Motor means reduced energy bills, longer motor life, and therefore, savings
  • Thermopride Flame retention, high–efficiency oil burner achieves its high efficiency through exacting mixtures of fuel and air. It's equipped with an insulating sleeve that helps protect the stainless steel tube and end cone from high temperatures
  • Ceramic Refractory affords better heat conduction to the heat exchanger for greater efficiency. This durable ceramic chamber is designed with a corbel top which helps assure more complete combustion and quietness of operation

For more information please contact us at (203) 227-5181 or