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Hot Water Heaters

Hot Water Heaters

Indirect-fired water heaters are used in conjunction with hot water heating systems; oil-fired water heaters are used when you have warm air heat:

Bock Hot Water Heaters

Bock hot water heaters have been designed and proven to produce hot water when you want it by maximizing heat use and minimizing heat loss. That's why Bock is the most effective, advanced and energy–efficient water heater available.

  • Designed to produce hot water by maximizing heat use and minimizing heat loss
  • Exclusive TURBOFLUE construction. The interior fins increase heating surface for minimal chimney heat loss. Reduces standby losses dramatically
  • Center flue is made of heavy steel which keeps the heat inside — completely surrounded by water
  • Utilizes "CGlass", an exceptionally high–quality porcelain enamel lining and most resistant to aggressive water
  • High–efficiency burner
  • Two magnesium anode rods maximize tank life and inhibit corrosion
  • Brick combustion chamber that outlasts all other materials and retains heat longer after burner shut-off. It delivers a concentrated, even flame to the Turboflue

Rinnai LS Series tankless water heaters

  • Unlimited hot water supply maintains consistent, safe temperature
  • Costs less to operate - more than 40% savings vs. conventional tank water heater
  • One Rinnai delivers 240 gallons of hot water or more per hour with no recovery time
  • Compact, significant space savings vs. traditional tank water heater
  • #1 selling tankless water heater in U.S. and global market
  • 12–yr. Limited Warrany