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Home comfort means more than just temperature

The amount of humidity in your home will directly affect how comfortable you feel, summer or winter. Dry skin, a scratchy throat, static shocks, and loose furniture joints are all related to an environment that lacks moisture. It's well known that a home with adequate moisture feels warmer than a dry home, even at lower temperature settings.

Aprilaire Humidifier

The world's first computer-equipped, completely automated, "no touch" humidifier.

  • Eliminates parched, dry air throughout the entire home automatically
  • Generates up to 50% more moisture for improved comfort and energy savings
  • Exclusive, automated "no touch" computer operation eliminates constant manual adjustments
  • Senses changes in relative humidity instantly
  • Measures the outdoor temperature and indoor humidity over 86,000 times a day and continually adjusts your home's indoor humidity to its optimum level

EWC AutoFlow Steam Humidifier

This steam humidifier has a built-in computer chip to insure maximum efficiency, accuracy, reliability and safety.

  • Computer watchdog circuit
  • Automatic drain/flush system
  • Automatic maintenance model
  • 100% guaranteed NO stagnating water
  • Humidifies without a call for heat
  • Compatible with all heating systems
  • LED's for system readout

Carel HomeSteam Elite

This advanced steam system incorporates sophisticated electronic controls with comprehensive diagnostics, that monitor output level and overall operation.

  • Advanced microprocessor with full diagnostics, pre alarms
  • True conductivity monitoring and control for longer cylinder life
  • Exclusive AFS Anti-Foaming System to help the unit to operate on most water types
  • Entire wrap-around front removes for easy access, installation, maintenance
  • Inexpensive, disposable plastic steam generator cylinder
  • Integral full bottom drain pan for safety

For more information please contact Mike Formato at (203) 227-5181 or