Did you know that you are now able to purchase electricity from an independent energy company such as Gault? Gault Power by Verde Energy USA offers a competitive fixed rate and is 100% renewable. Plus, you receive $100 cash bonus when you sign up!

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How it Works:

We partner with Verde Energy USA to provide 100% renewable electricity to residential and commercial customers in Connecticut.

Switching to us is easy and seamless - your current utility company will continue to deliver power and provide you a monthly bill and servicing, the only difference is the supplier charge on your bill will now reflect the rate of Verde Energy USA.

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Our Current Rate: Twelve-month fixed at $.0999/kWH

When you become a Gault Power customer, you will get $100 in Cash Back Savings - $50 after one month of service and another $50 after six months of service!

After approximately 2 billing cycles you will see Verde Energy USA as the supplier on your electric bill. Send us a copy of this bill along with a completed cash back savings form (send to the address on the form). Within four to six weeks of receipt, you'll receive a check!

Give us a call at 203.227.5181 to sign up for Gault Power today.

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