Turn to propane to safely fuel all of your indoor and outdoor amenities. From home heating, water heating and pools, to fireplaces, cooking and even clothes drying, propane is a versatile fuel that delivers efficiency and convenience. 

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Benefits of Propane

Propane is:

Clean - This low-carbon fuel produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than most energy sources.

Efficient - Furnaces, water heaters and other propane-fueled equipment receive some of the highest ratings on the market for efficiency.

Reliable - A proven energy source you can count on, having propane stored at your home guarantees you'll always have adequate gas pressure as well as ample supply - even when the electric grid is down.

Readily Available - Our own storage facility in Bridgeport ensures that our customers will never run out, regardless of weather. And, with the U.S. as the leading producer of propane in the world, it's always abundant. 

Versatile - As the only fuel able to power almost every appliance in your home, nothing else compares to its convenience. Learn more about the versatility of propane here!



Price Programs

We offer two price programs to our propane customers. Let us guide you to a program tailored to you and your family.

View our program details here.

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Automatic delivery is available for the following towns: Darien, Easton, Fairfield, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Redding, Stamford, Trumbull, Weston, Westport, Wilton, and areas of Bethel, Monroe, Ridgefield, and Shelton.

TIP: Check your gauge periodically during peak season and alert us if it reads 30% or below. For step-by-step instructions on how to check your gauge, click here.


Emergency Delivery:

In the event of a heating emergency, contact us 24/7 at 203.227.5181.



Switch to Gault

If you already have propane at your home, partner with us and we'll care for all your propane needs. Whether you rent or own your tank, making the switch is easy and hassle free. 

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Converting to Propane

We install propane and all related appliances for a variety of indoor and outdoor amenities.

From small installations to a full home heating conversion, we can help. We coordinate the installation process completely in-house.

Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our Propane Experts. 

Building with Propane

Builders consider propane the go-to resource in the construction of new homes.

We work with the best home construction professionals in the region in order to ensure outstanding quality for every customer.

Attention Builders:

Request our Building With Propane resource guide here.