When to Replace your Oil Tank

When to Replace your Bioheat Tank

When we talk about the products and services we provide to homeowners, they are all extremely important and affect our lives every day – heat for our homes, hot water, protection from power outages, etc. But they aren’t considered fun or exciting things that anyone WANTS to buy. When was the last time you caught yourself wanting to purchase a new Bioheat tank!? For this reason, homeowners often let their equipment and especially their tanks go way past their life expectancy.

When to replace your Bioheat tank:

While there are a couple signs on the outside of the tank that will indicate that it should be replaced (corrosion and wet marks), most damage is unseen. Older tanks often have moisture and sediment that have built up over time which can cause corrosion and create holes. If not replaced in time, the tank could start to leak. If you have any question about your tank, reach out to us to come take a look.

Benefits of a new Bioheat tank:

With the cleanliness of fuel today, the biggest benefit of putting a new tank in is that it will last a long time and will never see the problems of tanks from many years ago. The bio component in Bioheat acts as a cleanser that actively cleans the inside of the tank and prevents buildup. With the percentage of bio planned to increase over the next several years, installing a new tank now is a great investment. Also, having a new tank helps your heating equipment run more efficiently.

So don’t forget about the tank in your basement, replacing it is quick and easy – we are in and out in one day.

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