5 Reasons to Replace/Upgrade Your AC

5 Reasons to Replace/Upgrade Your AC


We have many experts and specialists at Gault but when it comes to knowing when it’s time to replace your air conditioning system, no one knows better than our technicians and Comfort Specialists; they work on, diagnose and replace hundreds of systems every year. That’s why we decided to poll them on what they think are the top five reasons to replace or upgrade your air conditioning this season. Check out the results below!

Poll Stats
Respondents: 26 (14 Technicians, 12 Comfort Specialists)
Total Years of HVAC Experience: 512
Total Years of Service at Gault: 248

  • Financial Savings: 100% of the group put financial savings as a top reason for replacement. The biggest savings being on electricity; a new, high-efficiency system can save you up to 38% on your electric bill. Other savings are seen in the reduction of maintenance costs. Older systems often require more frequent maintenances sometimes making it more cost effective to replace a system rather than continually repairing it.
  • Efficiency: 96% of the group put increasing efficiency as a top reason for replacement. New units have higher SEER ratings; the higher the SEER, the less electric energy the unit uses in comparison to its cooling output making it more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Greater efficiency also bring other benefits such as being more cost effective.
  • Age & Reliability: 61% of the group put age and/or reliability as a top reason for replacement. If your system is more than 10 – 15 years old, it is reaching its life expectancy and has a higher chance of breakdown or failure. Being proactive, not reactive will ensure your unit will be running and reliable during the hottest weather.
  • Refrigerant Phase Out: 61% of the group put the phase out of the refrigerant R-22, also commonly known as Freon as a top reason for replacement. R-22 is part of an EPA phase out plan for ozone-depleting substances which will make it unavailable by 2020. Any unit using R-22 will ultimately need to be replaced.
  • Comfort: 43% of the group put factors that increase comfort as a top reason for replacement. New units are much quieter, cool faster and more consistently, remove humidity more effectively and create better air quality. This is especially relevant if conditions in your home have changed since your AC was originally installed; for example, a renovation would make your current unit not properly sized for your home.

Some others factors that didn’t make the list include: increasing the value of your home for resale, updating the look and appearance of the units outside your home, the ability to add air cleaners and other tech features like wifi thermostats and sensors.