Proudly Propane: Clean American Energy

Proudly Propane: Clean American Energy

There is a new official face representing the propane industry in a nationwide campaign called ‘Proudly Propane’. His name is Blue, a friendly dog, and the narrator of the campaign that travels around with his bobtail driver who he calls, ‘propane man’. The campaign is both fun and entertaining (who doesn’t love the image of a dog riding in the passenger seat of a propane truck) and Blue’s message is simple, ‘Propane is man’s best fuel’.

Blue touts propane as being clean and reliable and giving people the freedom to live where they want and how they want. In Blue’s terms, ‘propane is just so doggone smart’. Here are few reasons why we think propane is ‘so doggone smart’:

  • It’s Clean – Propane was approved under the Clean Air Act of 1990 and is a low-carbon fuel that produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than most other energy sources.
  • It’s Efficient – Propane equipment, including furnaces and hot water heaters, are rated with some of the highest efficiency ratings for equipment on the market today.
  • It’s Reliable – Propane is a proven energy source that you can count on, even when the electrical grid is down. Having propane stored at your home guarantees you’ll always have adequate gas pressure as well as ample supply.
  • It’s Readily Available – The United States is the world’s leading producer and exporter of propane which means that it is abundantly available. And, Gault’s own propane storage facility in Bridgeport ensures that our customers will never run out, regardless of weather.
  • It’s Versatile – Propane is the only fuel able to power almost every appliance in your home making it convenient and easy. Propane can be used for home heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, fireplaces, generators, pool heaters, grills & outdoor kitchens, decorative lampposts and MORE!

We might dare to say that we love propane almost as much as Blue does; we have even converted some of our vehicles to run on propane. So, if you are in need of updating or replacing equipment or appliances in your home, be sure to keep propane in mind and let us walk you through all of your options. And, if you already use propane at your home and haven’t switched to us for delivery, it’s easy, just give us a call and we will handle the rest.

Check out Blue’s TV commercials here.