Get Your Ducts in a Row

Get Your Ducts in a Row

Many of us would no longer consider air conditioning a luxury but a necessity! The emergency air conditioning service calls that we received on Christmas Day two years ago and in March this year are proof of this; we can’t live without it. But for many homes where ductwork proves to be tricky, homeowners are still using window units or going without even though there is another option; a ductless system.

The 4 most common situations in which ductless systems are used as a solution:

  • As a supplement to a central AC system: for spaces that were added on to a house or are located at the furthest end of the existing ductwork
  • For rooms that need additional heating & cooling such as a sunroom or for a space that requires independent temperature control such as a home office
  • As a cost efficient alternative for an additional living space such as bonus rooms, studios, cottages & barns, garages, finished attics & basements
  • For homes/spaces that cannot accommodate conventional ductwork: older homes and antique homes typically do not have space to install ductwork

In addition to the cooling benefits of a ductless system, these ultra-high efficiency units can also be used as a supplemental heating source which is a great way to offset your energy bill in late fall and early spring when the days are cooler.

Do you have a tricky AC situation? Let our Comfort Specialists help you diagnose and determine a solution so you can stay cool all summer. Plus, we’ll help you take advantage of some great rebates that are available.

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