The True Cost of Converting to Natural Gas

When it comes to a customer switching their fuel source from oil to natural gas, we are often the last people to know about it; but we shouldn’t be! As a fuel-neutral company, we provide products and services that range across all fuel types (and yes, this includes the installation and service of natural gas equipment). Most importantly, we provide expert advice when it comes to choosing the right fuel and equipment for your home. Not all homes or families are alike, so they shouldn’t be treated like it; it is important to know all the facts and consult an expert before signing the dotted line.

5 Things You Need to Know About Converting to Natural Gas (that the gas company and many HVAC contractors will not tell you):

  • A typical conversion costs between $8,000-$12,000. Converting from oil to natural gas is much more cumbersome and expensive than people think.
  • You are the General Contractor of the job. The homeowner often needs to pull their own permits and run the job.
  • Response time. It sometimes takes months to get in touch with someone at the gas company – and then it takes even longer to schedule a conversion. After you convert, don’t expect timely responses when you have a problem.
  • Payback period for conversion to natural gas is over 15 years, possibly never. The incredibly low cost of heating oil today coupled with the efficiency of new heating oil equipment means the payback period for converting can be NEVER.
  • The future of natural gas in Connecticut. The Northeast Energy Direct, a $3.3 billion natural gas expansion project was just withdrawn, meaning that if consumption increases in the area, there will be no additional pipeline to support it. Without the proper supply, prices could escalate and houses could go cold. (To learn more, visit

Whether you have thought about switching to natural gas, propane, geothermal, or back to oil, make sure you give us a call to discuss all of your options. Our Comfort Specialists have years of experience in determining solutions and in many cases, there is a better and more efficient option for your home.