What's A Heat Pump

What's a Heat Pump?
And how can it Cool your Home?

Most would automatically assume that a piece of equipment called a ‘Heat Pump’ would have a function related to heating. While this is true, the name is deceiving as a heat pump actually has duel functionality and can be used to both heat and cool a home. In the summer time, a heat pump and an air conditioner are essentially the same thing, they both take heat from inside the house, transfer it through a refrigerant and deposit it outside, leaving the inside cool. What makes the heat pump different is that it can be reversed so that instead of depositing the hot air outside, it pushes it inside to heat your home (hence the name!).

Another great feature of heat pumps is that they don’t require ductwork which adds to their versatility. And while they are typically not used as the single heat source for a home, they are a great way to offset your energy bill in late fall and early spring when the days are cooler.

The 4 more common uses for ductless heat pumps:

  • As a supplement to a central AC system/heating system: for spaces that were added on to a house or are located at the furthest end of the existing ductwork
  • For rooms that need additional heating & cooling: such as a sunroom or for a space that requires independent temperature control such as a home office
  • As a cost efficient alternative for an additional living space: such as bonus rooms, studios, cottages & barns, garages, finished attics & basements
  • For homes/spaces that cannot accommodate conventional ductwork: older homes and antique homes typically do not have space to install ductwork

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